Problems with Viaccess



Hello digital lovers !!!

I have read "all" about 'how to/faq', but still I have some questions.
Mainly because my equipment don't work with "Swedish" Viaccess (Viasat) channels !!!

So I have wrote down what I have done, with some assumptions and questions.

My equipment:
- Receiver : Nokia 9311S (bought with CANAL Digital for 12 months, Sweden)
- CAM : PCMCIA ViACCESS... VIASAT DVB white triangle (these text on one side, see Q4.1)
Next side# P/N: 902532 Rev 1.0 SCA:001, DVB number: 001608
- Card : one PIC16F84 24LC, see Q2.1
- Programmer: Multiprogrammer VER 3.3 970214 with software Multiprogrammer 5.93, see Q1
- Dish : My old Chinese Wook (this whas a bad joke), I suppose a standard dish
- LNB : 2*Universal one's, pointing to 1 and 5 degree from Sweden

Q1.1 I have an old programmer Multiprogrammer VER 3.3 970214 with software Multiprogrammer 5.93,
this was bought from AD-teknik Sweden. Have earlier used this programmer to program my card
with d2mac keys (i.e. MULTIMAC) to my analog receiver.
I think I can use this programmer to program my card (see Q2 & Q3), is it right ?
Q1.2 Or most I upgrade to or get another programmer ?
Q1.3 If Yes to Q1.2 what is recommended ?

Q2.1 I have a card with one PIC16F84 24LC. I suppose this is the card that is called Goldcard
and it should be possibly to use to get access to "Swedish" Viaccess channels ?
Q2.2 Or are there any other type of cards that works much better (see Q2.3) ?
Q2.3 I know a person that uses something called MegaPic, found this: "MegaPic is a brand new
card with a microprocessor. It has 16 k memory in pic and 8 k memory in eeprom." is it
recommended to get this type of card insteed of a Goldcard and if so, what is the
advantages ?

Q3.1 I have talked to a person with a Nokia 9902 and he gave me a tip of files that works for
him and others with Nokia, i.e. something called 'Viagold' and here some text from the
file readme.txt

"This is a new file for Viac**ss. Should be programmed as you normaly program a Goldcard.
First program Ee-prom and then PIC. This version incl. special Ee-prom file for the
shitty Nokia/Sagem reciever."

I have used the files picfile.hex nokia_ee.hex (and also the file ee_prom.hex that
works for 9902) and used my programmer as I used to do with the old "analog-files",
but nothing happens ?

After the programming I first put my card into the CAM with contact-side up (see Q3.3) and
the CAM positioned as described in Q4.1 (and I think I have tested all other combinations too?).
I tested on Swedish channel-3 and also TV1000, but nothing happens, what is wrong ???

Q3.2 I have waited severel minutes for the channel, must I wait even more ?
Q3.3 I assume my direction (see Q3.1) of the card is right because:
- I can see the contacts coming "down" from the thicker side of the the CAM, is this right ?
Q3.4 Are the files described above not fitting with my Receiver "Nokia 9311S" ?
Q3.5 If NO on Q3.4, are there any other files that fits with this particular Receiver ?
Q3.6 Sometimes there is a *.bin file, is it only for progammers that must have it, my
programmer seems only to accept *.hex-files ?

Q4.1 I suppose that CAM-side with "PCMCIA ViACCESS... VIASAT DVB" white triangle (as I
suppose pointing out the direction and side (up) to put the card into the receiver) is
the "Up"-side ?
Q4.2 Are the CAM sensitive (easy to broke) if I put it in with wrong side ?
(Silly that this is possibly and I have tried both sides !!!)
Q4.3 Is the CAM stupid hardware that not can be updated, or is it possibly to update the
software on it ?
Q4.4 If it possibly (Q4.3), what software are interesting to download ?

Q5.1 A technician from the supplier where I bought my equipment, said to me that I have to
download software from a side called "download" (page 499 in my channel table) to
get Viasat or what ?
Q5.2 I have tried that, but it's only said that no software is available ?
Q5.3 But is this necessery to see for exemple Swedish channel-3, TV1000 ?
Q5.5 What I have seen is this neccesery for some (all) receivers that want to use the Ticket
channels, is that TRUE ?
Q5.6 I have find a lot of download pages in my channel table, is there anywhone else that
can be interesting for me ?

Q6.1 What key-editors are recommended, found some one called "Zeeebra's VIAstrsh Hex Edit"
is it good, or is it only for VIAstrsh-files and what is that ?
(Opened the "Nokia-files" above with this editor and it seems like the editor can
read them?)

Q7.1 I have been toold that only Viaccess (Viasat) channels are "cracked" in Sweden, is that TRUE ?
Q7.2 I assume above question is true, so I wonder why not CANAL Digital channels are "cracked"
in Sweden ? and see below
Q7.3 "No one" outside the Nordic-countries are interested to crack this channels ?
Q7.4 They have a coding algoritm that is very difficult to crack ?

### Okey, I think is this enough for this time, Im looking forward to get some answers (Thanks) !!!
@@@ And I will come back to tell you, (who are interested) when I get this to work !!!

// And of course A Happy Good New Year to Everybody,
Regards from Pekka the Swede with Finish nickname !!!