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I am trying to learn about using a programmer to program seca cards etc to enable me to view channels like Tequilla, P channels, K channels etc. Basically channels on Astra and Hotbird.

How easy it is to learn how to program these cards? What is the best programmer to buy? I see alot of adverts for the Vxmulti is this the best one to buy? Is it easy to use.

I don't want to spend £100 plus money for the cards and not know what to do.

I would really appreciate all the help i can get on this matter. I am really kean on programming my own cards as i am fed up of relying on other people to do me a card.

Hope to hear some news soon.

Thanks alot


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Like you, I am new to all of this. I got a vx and have found it very easy to do my own cards. I have done 3 different ones that all still work, for Canal+ etc., Premierworld and one for Viaaccess. The hardest part for me was locating the codes. Download them, then extract them to a floppy from winzip, then they can be opened in vx. Most come with a read me file that are pretty helpful. I followed links within this site, some have gone down, some had files no good for my decoders, but with trial and error i got there in the end. I would say "go for it and enjoy." Good luck


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The vxmulti is a very easy to use programmer. The problem you have is that because its 9 programmers in 1 it's expencive.

The sofware that comes with it is very easy to use eg. no loaders to worry about.
Also it depends what type of cards you are wanting to program.
If all you are programming is goldwafers, £100 is alot of money to spend when there are cheaper programmers around that can do the same job.

If you want the best programmer in a nice case with easy software that can program all types of card then buy a Vxmulti.

If you need codes see:

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I was wondering if ANYONE can point me in the right direction, I am new to this, I would like to know if the Vxmulti programmer can be used on Ntl or Tele- West Pace box, If Yes where is the best place to pick up a Vxmulti programmer and roughly how much.