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Programming with Millennium 2000



Final query of the day, guys - promise! I'm just about to buy a Millennium 2000 programmer to do my own satellite digital programming of cards. I've got an Echostar DSB2110 (2Ci) and an Aston Seca CAM (V1.04). Anyone know the best software package (keys) to download for this set-up?
Also thinking about adding a Viaccess CAM. Since the old black Viaccess CAMs are being sold for exorbitant prices, will I be able to easily find keys to programme a card with a Millennium 2000 for a Viaccess red CAM?
I hear they advise against leaving two CAMs in the receiver because the heat generated can cause damage. What about if they are both in only a few hours at a time?
Cheers in advance.


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thee are plenty of files around for use with the red CAMs (eg Barracuda files). See eg Phill's sat files at http://www.kelibia.org/phill/
Making sure your receiver itself is well-ventilated would help (Echostar receivers do generate a lot of heat anyway).