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Q for 2old4this


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My Satellite Setup
Sony KLV26HG2 LCD TV, Humax HD-CI 2000 on a Fixed Sky/Astra/Hotbird.
Cerebro Card. Infinity USB Phonix. Dragon Cam v4.1 w/Firecrypt & Loader Card.
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London UK
Did you get my private message re: ?????'s website.
If so please can you private message me new link if known.



Hi Shahid
Apologies to 2old4this, however, I think I can answer on this issue.

There is no way that any member of that site will give away the address.

I lost out some time ago even though I was a member and followed (I think) the correct procedure but still got lost in the Big Change!

I found the site, at the time that it was public, a mad house from the point of view that a question would be asked and, if you had to do some searching for the answer, there were another two or three pages of questions posted.

If it is the files you are after, there are other sites that post them on a regular basis.

So, the message, my friend, is unless you are specifically invited you, like me and many, many, others will not gain access.