question - encrypted tv in brazil

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Hi, I'm from Brazil and TV here is pretty good, but no channel here has my favourite tv show, WWE. I just love wrestling.

I know nothing about satellite tv, and i've browsed a lot through and i've found a lot of channels around the world that do have WWE in their programming. The problem is that they are all encrypted. Most free-to-air channels suck.

The question is:
Is there any way I can get these pay tv channels, like from Sky Digital UK (or american tv, like D i r e c T V or D i s h N e t w o r k) through a satellite receiver here in Brazil (i heard you can decrypt the channels without the card, by updating the firmware or something like that).

Please keep me informed, because i dunno jack!


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You won't be able to receive Sky digital, as from where you are the satellite is not visible. Some of the US channels may be visible to you, but for information on how to receive those, you are better looking at the US forums, we cannot see the satellites from across the pond.


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D i s h n e t w o r k is beamed to north america only and has spotbeams
on transponders to really narrow the viewing area even within
the U.S..
D i r e c t v isn't hacked and can't be received on fta receivers anyway
because they use a non standard format.
The other sats mentioned may be a mix of C band and Ku band.
Ku band tp's generally start in the 117xx freq range for transponders.
Don't get excited over C band listings unless you have a BIG dish and
C band receiver.