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Ramsay roasts 'rock star' chefs



Gordon Ramsay has condemned TV cooks who he claims think they're rock stars.

The Michelin star-winning restaurateur said Ainsley Harriott was a comedian, not a chef, and Antony Worrall Thompson had more chips on his shoulder than McDonald's does in its freezer.

He said: "Ready Steady T*** (the BBC's culinary gameshow Ready Steady Cook) pays a £500 appearance fee. I don't need to go on television or down to the jungle with a thong on my arse to fill a dining room."

Interviewed in the Radio Times, he said: "Some chefs think they're rock stars, but don't forget we cook for a living, sweat our balls off in a hot environment, and there's nothing glamorous about that."

Ramsay launched an attack on Worrall Thompson, who has recently returned from his stint in the Australian jungle for I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

He said: "He slags off every talented young chef. His biggest hang-up is he hasn't won a Michelin star. He had kinder words for Harriott, who he said was a gem whose ambition was to present Stars In Their Eyes.

But he reserved his highest praise for Nigella Lawson, of whom he said: "Every chef in the country would love her in the kitchen, but we'd never get any work done. She's s_x on legs."

Of restaurateur Terence Conran, he said he would rather gatecrash his four-year-old daughter Megan's pre-school and eat her milk and biscuits than have his food. "He's a designer, not a chef. Kiss my cookie is what I say to him," he said.

Talking about the reaction to his antics in the kitchen after the infamous 1999 documentary Ramsay's Boiling Point was screened, he said: "Other chefs jumped on the bandwagon, hypocritical b******s.

"Raymond Blanc went, 'Oh la la, We don't need this violence in the kitchen.' Bulls***. When he flips his lid, he's like a rottweiler. A sweet guy, though."