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Jan 1, 1999
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so why the fek are they calling this latest service shortly to be launched on Sky Digital, "two way TV"? Shome mishtake surely! Will the broadcaster be coming to my home to install a TV camera and transmitter for beaming back pictures of my living room to thier studios??
Will they fasteriskck.
What they probably meant is simple "interactive" or "phone-in" TV.
So why not just call it that??
Why do the ten-year olds running corporate advertising and marketing projects insist on redefining the English language whenever it suits them?

Like this thing these days of putting a bit of a shadow onto graphics and calling them "3-D".
We have 3-d graphics in our computer games and 3-d menus in our software.
Well it's all hogwash. What we actually have is the same 2-d images we always had, only now they happen to incorporate representations of relief or perspective. If they were really 3-D they'd be stereoscopic. That's what the word means.


Now I think I'm off to set up a global telecommunications network by phoning a mate who lives across the border.



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Dec 31, 1999
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I'll have a pint of whatever you are drinking.

Talking of pints, the Irish bar (more in Berlin than Ireland) has just put on some John Smith's Extra Smooth (very Irish?).

I had a pint or several just so that I could experience a genuine english hangover headache once again. It worked: I am now back on the Jever.

Back on the subject of shadows - in the field of television postproduction a shadow's more common purpose is to salvage a text claim/pack from its background - because the director was more interested in making a visual masterpiece :-)

In the edit suite, the advertising agency will arrive to take over. The pack and text claims will be too small. The director will go to the toilet to powder his nose.

Him out of the room, an instruction will be given to make everything 273% larger - with a drop shadow (hoping, of course, the director doesn't notice).

He comes back. He does notice. A fight then ensues. Something to do with ruining a masterpiece; apparently.

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