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ready to flash !



I`m on a mission to succeed...
Can someone advise me on which is the best or future friendly file to go for.
i have ird cam 900440 with echostar 3000ipva and millenium programmer.

1. 46se.bin
2. 46se_orf.bin
3. 47se.bin
4. Free_ORF.bin
5. freecam.bin

I never get the chance to watch the bloody tv I`m always in here !
aint this hobby greaaaaaaaat :)

Burnham Beech

Specialist Contributor
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 31-Dec-01 AT 04:03 PM (GMT)]5. It's the only one that works 5in1 with an ad3000. And you need to upgrade your milli to do silvercards. I nearly forgot, if you think flashing your cam is hard, just wait until you try to get 100% 5in1 with the ad3000, (almost) possible but very hard. Prepare to do a lot of reading.