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Calais, France

I live just near Calais, and have finally managed to get a standard Sky minidish working, and can receive all the FTA channels with a borrowed FortecStar receiver. We also have a second dish pointing to AtlanticBird3 at 5 degrees West to get the French FTA channels.

At the moment, I need to go outside and unplug the cable from one dish to use the other, and then do the same inside, so I'm going to need a Disecq switch for that.

Can someone recommend a box that, ideally, does the following:
  • Lets us watch the FTA channels on the two boxes (ie it has Disecq support)
  • Lets us see the subtitles being broadcast from the Sky satellite (or do only Sky Digiboxes support this?)
  • Has an internal harddrive so that we can record TV from either dish. I know that without special LNBs and more holes in the wall, we can't record more than one channel at a time, but that's not a problem - just as long as we can record.

In an ideal world, it should (these are nice to haves, but not essential - no idea if they're even possible)
  • Let us plug in a Freesat card at some point in the future
  • Let us use digital teletext
  • Allow recordings to be transferred from the receiver onto a computer

I don't need anything more than that really, we just want to be able to get (and record) both French and UK TV without having to change channel without climbing a ladder :)

Thanks in advance for any help!



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TM Nano ~ sg2100
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Dreambox 7020s does most of your requirements but no idea about the $ky subtitles/ teletext. 7025 has twin tuners.

Relook also has most these functions as well.

And welcome to the forum :)