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Hi sat folk..
having recieved and assembled my Gibertini 85cm dish and diseqc motor..I have now come to the tricky part and have narrowed my choices to the following recievers...
Humax VACI-5300
Topfield 3000CIpro
Can I ask the following questions without seeming really stupid...
If I chose the Humax VACI-5300 can I access the encrypted VA channels without any sort of card,just on the software loaded...and can I use a Matrix CAM without any sort of conflict between the embedded CAM and Matrix CAM...on the other hand if I chose the Topfield3000CIpro is it easy to use with a Matrix CAM snd again do I need a card with the Matrix CAM to recieve encrypted stuff..please help a confused newbie...regards
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the VACI is a really old machine, even if it could work with moden cams (plenty cant) there is a chance it will not do everything you need.

The Topfield does sound like a better value machine

Im sure if the VACI doesnt do motorised control via DiSEqC , but Im willing to be corrected on this