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Hi all,

I'm just getting interested in Satellite TV now (bit late I know) anyway, I have some basic questions maybe some of you could advise on please;

I'm interested in getting D+ on Astra, also interested in getting FTA channels on Hispasat, Hotbird, Nilesat for now. For D+, can I get these with a FTA decoder, just by entering Nagra codes found on internet or do I need a CAM or card ?

What decoder should I consider buying, not exactly clear on CI - CAMs - Embedded Cards and Card slots and what exactly I can achieve with these, I imagine its access to more channels / digital platforms ? Can somebody in the know please elaborate for me ?

Is moving the satelite by hand a bit ambitious to move from one sat to the other ? Can this be done realistically or should I get a motorised dish instead ?

What opinion do you have of the following decoders;

Golden Interstar GI-801 Xpeed
Kaon 570
Illusion M2 Conax (what can this embedded Conax card do that the others can not?)
Mvision, not sure of models.

All for now, I appreciate any help you can give this newbie.

Many thanks.