Red Cam 483 and Fun



I have a problem with my Red Cam (483) and FunCard.

Everything work fine for from 2 min - 2 hours and then the picture "freeze" and I have to restart the Receiver (TopField 4000), and then it works fine for some minutes.... and so on...

The FunCard works perfectly on my Force 1155, so I guess this has something to do with the RedCam?

Anyone here with info on this, saw the earlier thread here on Red Cam 483, but did not get the files to work... (Had an old Gold Card that might be broken...)

Is there any way to get the FunCard to work in this scenario or do I have to use a different card/receiver/CAM?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Info on the RedCam:

Viaccess 1.0V483
Application V1.05.001
Manufacturer :SCM Microsystems'