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Reduced sly subscription

My Satellite Setup
Stand alone Sky system. 1.0 motorised dish with 12 inch actuator, 0.3dB MTI LNB, TM1500 CI+ Super,
My Location
South Wales
I cancelled my full subscription to sly a fortnight ago as I am giving Digitalb a go on 16.0 East.
A week later the sly telephone sales contacted me to offer me the same package for half price for six months.
My brother has got on the bandwagon and got the same deal.
Just thought others should know that they need not get ripped off.'O'
Its worth a try.

Its this sort of thing that drives you to drink aswell as my missus but she also drives me home after.

Channel Hopper

Suffering fools, so you don't have to.
Staff member
My Satellite Setup
A little less analogue, and a lot more crap.
My Location
UK South
Surely £4XX for a years viewing is nothing less than excellent value ?