Relook 250S vs. 400S



Hello there. Having owned a Humax NACI-5700 for the last eight years or so, that's being used more like an antenna positioner since Nagra 2 came along, I'm thinking about getting into the "Linux" arena. On the cheap(est possible)!

And I have a few questions, beginning with: besides the twin-tuner, what does the 400S do that the 250S can't? Are their operation the same? (you know, watch satellite TV...)

Another thing I'm interested in is the PVR functionality and how well it is implemented: time-shift, time-skip, video-scan, simultaneous playback/recording (is it possible to record 2 programs while watching a recorded one, on the 400S?), and whether they can perform any editing (cut/trim/merge) functions at all, or do I have to export it to the PC?

Finally, does the 400S justify the extra €85/£58? (€290/£197 against the €205/£139 on the 250S, both w/o HDD)

Thank you.

(I guess a ton more questions will ensue after I have a verdict, but first things first...)