Relook 400S: Descrambling & recording problems

My Satellite Setup
Relook400S; Windows 2000 under Pentium IV
My Location
Hi everybody,
I bought the decoder Relook 400S recently. But when I start the decoder directly on the scrambled channel Asianet, (on Hot Bird at 13°E, Frequency: 12207, Polarity: Horizontal, Symbol Rate: 27500) with my official Viaccess subscription card, with a Viaccess Redcam, I don't get any sound at all. I have to go to another channel and come back, to get the sound.

Also when I program to record the channel, it records without any sound. Both these functions are not working properly now. Could this be a hardware problem?

My decoder details: Relok 400S - Micom Version: 06.05.26; Boot Version: 1.1.1 (Feb 2 2006-15.57:36; DB Version: 1.15 Viaccess Red CAM Version: V1.08.003 I am using only 1 LNB, with Loop through for the 2nd . Reception and recording works fine on my Nokia 200S with the same Viaccess Cam and subscription card.

I have tried the new Version 2.14 of the official DGS decoder software. But I am still having the same problems.

Could someone please suggest a solution.