Hi......Can anyone tell me what make of universal remote controles will work with an echostar 2110, tried magician, phillips, and also marmitek remotes which come with powermid extra none of these work!...Many thanks.
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Hello Freddy

Suggest you check out the Topline One For All 5.

I have one and it works with everything I have thrown at it so far, including old style high frequency B & O, SkyDigibox, Hymax, Grundig etc etc.

It can be set up for up to five devices, and has built in timer functions etc.

They do mention Echostar in the booklet, but not the specific model.

Among its other features, there are two advantages to this machine which would probably be of interest to you.

1. It is programmable over the 'phone on a Free telephone number, so any 'new' machines can be added to the list.

2. The service which you recive from their people in the Nederlands is Second To NONE, and as mentioned FREE even from the UK.

If you have any specific queries do come back.

Kind regards

W Hole

PS UK Price about £48.00 last time I heard, but you can order direct from One For All by Credit Card at current UK price.