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Report reveals TV digital apathy



The rate of switchover from analogue to digital televisions in UK homes will have slipped behind other countries by 2010, a report by the Informa Media Group has revealed.

The study into global penetration of digital television capability in households around the world suggested the UK’s leading position in 2004 – penetration levels at 59% - will slow to leave it in fourth place within six years.

In the 43 countries covered in the report, none would be at stage where switch-off of the analogue signal would be achievable.

Simon Murray, author of the report, said: "The U.S. will have the highest digital TV penetration by 2010 – at 91%.

“However, the [US] government is unlikely to sanction analogue switch-off – even at this high proportion."

In Europe, 237.5 million homes will have digital television by 2010, with the highest number – 48.7 million – taking feeds from cable systems.