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Jan 8, 2007
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how are u
sorry for the late reply
but i had a beezy week of work of course


response n.:1

i dont have any circular lnb , so i not tested any circular tp
i try before at 36 with normal lnb
but without success
in fact i receive only " sesat transponders " not W 4 russian beam
i go to buy an inverto circular lnb
after i tell you the result , for 36
but also for " bonum " satellite that i heard that have
a good reception in AUSTRIA and in hungary
also with little dish like 1,50 m

response 2

for the thaicom
regional beam
i can make some test in may / june
and i have good result
with some weaker transponder here in " EUROPE "
obviously these result mean a pixelation image
on weaker tp
and for example good result especially on NEPAL 1 3840 V
in particular good signal from some low frequency
on regional beam ( 3400 - 3500 mhz ) tp's

amos new satellite
i havent time for make some test
on ISRAELI BEAM but after the result
of an hungarian friend
with 3,7 m

i am sure 100% that all the amos 3 middle east beam
is now receivable with my 3,7 m
before with the old satellite
only one frequency i can get
the on WITH FE TV !!!!


my prodelin dish is motorized only for the elevation
with a 36 inch normal actuator!
the azimuth i make on my own hands!!!!!!!! i make some training when i come from an horizon
to the other!!!! eh eh eh!:)

response 4

for the mesh dish
in the last year
i lost some tp's of the ****** for example!

that i normally receive with the solid dish
so the difference was very important! in the gain
between the mesh dish and the solid!

response 5

i dont find in the market
a motor with a reasonable cheaper price
so..................according to a deep blue sky post
is impossible for a private person to purchase a motor
that cost almost 10000 euro

so someone
try to find an idea
and the better that i had
was hands

for the moment

after ..........i dont know

i hope to clear all your question
great to know
that u gonna install a 3 meter
please send some photo
when u finish your work!

for the winds
i think that in austrian alps
when in your country ther is some storms
is more dangerous than in our parts

but as i told before
i have the dish situated on top of a hill of 250 meters high
and when strong winds sometimes come

i am a little worri!!!!!

but not break nothing yet!!!!!!
so we hope to have
also in 2008 a quiet winter for winds

and good bye to all in the forum