Retailer names the top five summer laptops

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Jun 26, 2007
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PC World has listed what it says are the top five lightweight laptops for the summer.
The laptop models from the likes of Samsung, HP and Dell are coincidentally all currently in stock on the PC World website.
"Laptops are increasingly enabling people to easily work away from the desk and get outside.
"Lightweight and ultra portable laptops come feature packed and have all the capabilities to set up an outdoor workspace," said Dean Kramer, laptop category manager at PC World.
"These laptops have been selected for their durability, long battery life and versatility in the outdoors," he said.
New laptops for summer
And of course what he meant to say was that PC World is the best place to purchase such products. But that's not strictly true in all cases of course, because a quick internet search reveals various retailers who're selling some of the same laptops at cheaper prices.
Still though, we can't really fault the list, because there are some pretty good laptops in there.
The top five laptops
The first laptop in the group is the Samsung X22. It has an ample 4 GB memory and 320 GB hard disk allowing for multitasking and the storage of large files and documents, and it weighs just 2.18 kg. It's powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 processor, so it's an all-round well-powered PC.
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The second model to make the list is the HP TX2130. The swivelling 12" HD widescreen monitor on the HP TX2130 allows you to position the screen exactly where they want it, helping to deflect glare form the sun or share screen content in group work.
It's also equipped with a large 250 GB hard drive, allowing the storage of up to 60,000 songs or over 85,000 photos, is wireless enabled, boasts three UBS ports and is a slight 2.5 kg.
Value for money
Also making the line-up is the Asus U2E. Containing 32GB of solid state memory and a compact 11-inch screen, this small-yet-powerful laptop is ideal for those people who want a muscular laptop in a small form factor. It'll set you back close to £1,500 though, so it's not cheap.
The Dell XPS M1330 is the fourth laptop in the group, and it's certainly not the newest one on show here. However it's still very powerful and offers good value for money, depending on where you buy it of course. A 250GB hard drive and 2GB of memory allow for plenty of speed and storage for work and play. Read our full review
And last but by no-means least, comes the Sony VAIO VGN-TZ31. At just 1.2kg it offers a good balance between performance and weight. An Intel Core 2 Duo Processor U7600 provides fantastic energy efficient performance for long battery life. It has 2 GB memory and 120 GB hard drive, plus a compact 11" display and is just 1.24 kg. Read our full review