Reuters Financial TV on Eutelsat W3



Has anybody managed to find RFTV (Reuters Financial TV) on Eutelsat W3?

It is currently listed on the Lyngemark Satellite Chart on Eutelsat W3 at 7 degrees East on 12.638GHz, Vertical, Symbol Rate 2047 & FEC 1/2.

When I select these parameters I get a signal strength of about 40%, but a signal quality of 0%.
I am using an Echostar AD3000IP with a 90cm motorised dish in Southern England (Hampshire). I can receive other channels on this satellite ok.

Are they still broadcasting? Or are they using ssome strange transmission mode?

Many thanks

Andrew Smith


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Yeah, it's a while ago but I've definitely watched this before on an ad3000.

They don't transmit continually. Your 40% signal may be noise - ie not a real signal at all. Another possibility is that it is a real signal but your receiver won't lock due to the relatively low symbol rate (much lower than everything else on that sat, and barely higher than the 2000 which is the stated lower limit of most receivers, includng the ad3000).

So - what is the lowest symbol-rate of any channel you are definitely able to watch?
Are you for example able to get any/all of the low symbol-rate (2170 - 2894) signals at Eurobird/28.5e?

w hole

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Hello Andrew

This one is a bit 'weak' it takes a while to lock on my F1-CI, and when it does you will see that the picture is 'morphed' up from a small insert size which is I suppose used by Reuters as part of a larger display as per Bloomberg.

It is almost always on nowadays, but when I first found it it seemed to be more intermittent.

Not much to see even at the best of times.


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