RGB Question - When connected to DVD Recorder


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I have a Thomson SKY Digibox and an LG RH277H DVD Recorder,

I have the SKY digibox plugged into the SCART - RGB socket on me TV from the 'TV' socket on me SKY box and the LG DVD Recorder plugged into the TV via HDMI and i have the 2nd SCART socket on the SKY box plugged into the 'EXT2 - Decoder' socket on the LG DVD Recorder

the problem is; when i select RGB on the DVD recorder settings, the picture goes black, and when I set it to auto, the picture is blurry (or non RG:cool:, when I view SKY through the DVD Recorder, and it records the same as well, is this a fault of the DVD Recorder or the SKY digibox or both??

how can I fix this?? (plugging them in a different way results in a blurry picture (non RG:cool: through my TV

Please can some1 help me out on this...



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What is the TV model number and make ?
How many inputs and input type does the TV has (SCART, RCA, HDMI ?)

I am assuming that the TV has HDMI input since you are connecting the recorder to the TV via HDMI cable.

Can you try connecting the recorder to the TV using Scart or RCA cable instead of HDMI and see if it the picture is still blurry ?

Is the picture still blurred when you disconnect the Digibox from the recorder and push on the play button to see a recorded content ?
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This thread is rather old but I thought I would answer it anyway.

Only the TV SCART on a Sky box will output RGB, the VCR SCART cannot be used as it only outputs composite video.

If you want to feed the TV and the recorder with RGB simultaneously, you need an active RGB SCART splitter (distribution amplifier) like this one:


BTW don't press the TV button on the Sky handset before / during recording, this will kill the RGB.