Roberts new 'solarDAB' portable radio

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Jun 26, 2007
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Roberts announces a new 'solarDAB' portable radio this week, the first DAB radio that can be powered on the go by the sun, so you need never be without 6Music or any of your other favourite digital stations on the go.

The solarDAB doesn't need to be in the sun to work, its solar panels will suck up power when in the sun and make sure that the radio's rechargeable batteries can provide you with 27 hours of listening whatever the weather.

As well as saving you pennies on batteries, Roberts also takes the opportunity to remind us of the solarDAB's eco-credentials, claiming that it will "also help to reduce the UK's annual disposable battery waste" and reminding us that, "under new EU legislation due to become UK law in September 2008, the country will be expected to recycle up to 25% of all disposable batteries."

Battery waste problems

The UK consumes something in the region of a whopping 30,000 tonnes of portable batteries (around 800 million batteries) each year, most of which end up in your kitchen bin.

Leslie Burrage, Robert's chief exec comments on the solarDAB noting that it represents "an important step forward for us in our desire to produce greener products. Solar power is an important development but we're also looking at other ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products".

The ROBERTS solarDAB is available now in white, black, red, green and pink at a recommended retail price of £79.99.