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here are instructions on how to read and edit funcards/silvercards using picpined edit......I did it and it works...when you get a new key instead of reprogramming entire card you can simply edit the one key(usually an irdeto key) In picpined you get the option to programme only any changes you make...here goes...

down load picbind set it to your com port lowest baud rate remove tick from
smart mouse and sat to phionix mode insert card choose ds9 5in1 ect do the
same at the other side sometimes it will do this auto press read card picbind will
read go to keys and scroll down and pick the code you whant to change write in
new code go back to phionix mode press write card done hope this helps.....this I got from a forum, but the following are the setting I used to make it all work...

port 1
firmware ds9/c64>>allcam
interface phoenix
Delay 1 all eprom data
baudrate 5726 index 0000
parity even length 2000
stop bits 2 secret key 0000
data bits 8 smartmouse disabled fast write disabled....remember to plug in your old Phoenix/smartmouse to read eprom!!!!!

Rolf is this any good,

if you all ready have just delete it

regards mikeey


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Sorry Mikeey, saw this when you posted it and was going to try it out, but had PC problems so didn't get around to it and it shuffled lower down the page.

I'll try the instructions out in the next couple of days.