Rural beats urban in broadband showdown

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Jun 26, 2007
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According to a new report by Ofcom, rural areas in the UK are more likely to have a broadband connection than those living in urban areas. This study comes just a year after Ofcom announced a legislation to widen wireless broadband use to more rural areas and it is the first time rural areas have outstripped their urban counterparts.
Report results
The new report found that 59 per cent of all households in the country owned a broadband connection, while only 57 per cent in town-based areas owned broadband.
The study also named the most tech-savvy city in the UK and it’s… Sunderland.
The northern city has a massive 66 per cent of its household switched on to super-fast web connections, while 96 per cent of the city owns a digital TV.
Glasgow was shown to be the least switched-on, with just 32 per cent of its residents owning broadband.
Mobile broadband
Ofcom also found that the 3G mobile usage was on the up, with a third of Dundee’s residents using a 3G mobile phone.
It is also reported that those using internet on their mobiles has also risen to one in five people.