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SES Astra is pleased to announce a contract with London-based A&A Inform Ltd. for the transmission of Russian Hour. Russian Hour is broadcast free-to-air every Sunday from 10am to 11am CET via Astra at 19,2E. UK-based satellite homes can also watch the programme every Saturday at 10.30am via channel 202 of the SKY Digital bouquet.

Russian Hour is a weekly TV programme providing an informative and entertaining insight into Russian life and culture. Russian Hour is subtitled in English and features a wide variety of programmes including interviews with Russian and international personalities, travel documentaries with a ‘Russian edge’, features on the latest Russian products and services in Made in Russia, while in Crème de la Kremlin the viewer is provided with a close look at the classic Russian cuisine.

Russian Hour is broadcast free-to-air every Sunday from 10 am to 11 am CET via ASTRA at 19.2° East (12551.50 MHz, the same frequency as RTL Luxembourg and ASTRA Vision). Users of the ASTRA Mosaic can tune in to Russian Hour by clicking on the logo. UK-based satellite homes can also watch the programme every Saturday at 10.30 am via channel 202 of the SKY Digital bouquet on ASTRA at 28.2° East. In addition, the Russian Hour will be re-broadcast in the Russian Federation by various regional TV networks and cable operators. More information about the Russian Hour can be found on
Russian Hour

Alexander Korobko, Director of A&A Inform Ltd. and producer of Russian Hour, stated:

"We have selected ASTRA because of its outstanding market reach in Europe and its attractive content neighbourhood. We hope that Russian Hour will serve as an ‘audiovisual bridge’ between Russia and Europe and thereby contribute to a better understanding of Russian life and culture."

Alexander Oudendijk, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at SES ASTRA comments:

"We very much welcome Russian Hour on board of our satellite fleet. With its attractive mix of informative and entertaining programme features on Russian life and culture, Russian Hour is a valuable addition to our line-up of free-to-air channels."

Source: SES Astra


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