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Russian S/W Can't be Uploaded to my Unit.

My Satellite Setup
Truman 8000 ci
H/W 2.00
S/W 12.96.1

My Location
HI all,

i find a new Russian software for Astra Receviers,but when i tried to upload it
and error message appeared told me that diffent model id found, so i use a clear batch foru about 4 times and every time i clear the flash a message told me that update is successfull, but when i try to update the software the same error message appears(differnt model id).

the software is
Hivion_CI_20050712.zip and i atteched it with this post

this software is assumed to be diffrent in the interface view form the ordinary software for that familly

can any one try it and hlep me.

aslo i have another q?

i knew that the filecode.key is uploaded to my receiver with DreamLoader
but i doesnt work acutally when i used it ;all perstored code were ereased.

can any one give me an explaination?
Flash file removed please do not post flashes and patches containing cams and keys on this forum. Read the rules