s_x Shop Chain in Court Fight Over Job Ads



s_x shop chain Ann Summers, famed for bringing crotchless underpants and novelty s_x aids to a mass audience, asked a court on Friday to force government job centers to advertise its store vacancies.
The chain is fighting to overturn a decision by Jobcenter Plus to ban its ads because of a government policy barring companies associated with the s_x industry from advertising with the state employment centers.

Ann Summers has become a household name in Britain with 82 stores around the country selling raunchy lingerie and s_x toys with names like Rampant Rabbit, Nipple Ripples, Seventh Heaven and Jiggle Balls.

But the company's lawyer Kate Gallafent said Ann Summers was not part of the s_x industry and did not need any kind of license to sell its wares.

"There is no suggestion that Ann Summers is in any way embarrassed by what it sells. Ann Summers is very proud of the range of products it stocks," she said at a High Court hearing.

"The claimant's vacancies should be advertised and accepted by the defendant unless and until the defendant can show a good strong reason why not."

Jobcenter Plus said it was sticking by its policy and that advertising vacancies at the stores could cause offence or embarrassment to job seekers.

The judge was expected to reserve his decision.