Sagem receiver, problem



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I have some problems with my Sagem ISD4150.
I am trying to get some free channels from my homeland. The problem is, I am able to find the channel but when I try to watch it say "Problem with signal…, Reboot your receiver and wait 10 sec…", but this doesn't solve the problem.

This is the channel:
Satellite: Eutelsat W2, 16 E
Freq, pol: 12633, V
Symbol: 4883, 1/2.

I have tried everything but nothing works. Sometimes I think that my receiver is too old and have problems with low Symbol rates. There is a channel in the same satellite with symbol rate 2821 but when I want to search for the channel I can't write the symbol rate.

Can anyone help me with this?
If I need to upgrade my receiver, please tell me how to do it. I have searched for update but i didnt find any.
If anyone have this have the same receiver can you pleas try to find this channel and tell me how it went.

This receiver is (used to bee for) Viasat but now days it is used only to watch free channels.

Thank you all for your help.