Samsung SCI-702E Plus and JTAG

Hi, sat-frends!

I desperately need a good flash dump file for a Samsung SCI-702E Plus receiver - processor is STi5518BVC-X, flash is HY29LV160TT.

The receiver is not functional any more, I got a few times just a zero on the display, then nothing. The power supply is apperently OK, that why I builded a buffered JTAG and I can access the flash memory through de STi5518, but I don't have the good .bin to programm. The definition file for jKeys has an entry for an 29LV160DT, that is a TopBoot too and has the same structure as HY29LV160TT (35 sectors, maybe the HY29LV160TT is just the same chip from a different manifacturer...).
Or maybe I can just programm the first 64KB of the memory with a bootloader (for my receiver it should be version 1.01...) and than put the original firmware through RS232 (that I have and btw has a .ser extension and is just 800KB appr.)?!
Any help is welcome...

Thaks for reading this
My Satellite Setup
turnkey 700mhz athelon .5gb ram,120 gb,drive
j-test j-tag setup
if your '.ser' file is the saved 'bin',and j-keys is configured properly,you should be able to re-program the tsop.the samsung bins i have, would not help sorry.