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just wondered if anyone here has a Pocket PC with satellite navigation on it.

i bought the Medion one from Halfords, it worked really good at first, but now it wont pick up any satellites..... anyone got any ideas?

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You can now get as cheap as £350 from Makros for standard navigation, but the running costs are rather high.

For a SOLO unit (tracking and navigation ) you are looking at about 70p max per day, which is the difference in a motorway junction missed or a wrong turn in a busy high street. They work on the HP iPaq system , Win 98 or above for connection (activsync ??) , but I know there are issues with anything less than Win2k for Tomtom.

Have a look at http://www.stellasat.com, it shows a lot of the kit that is required for basic navigation, but goes into fleet management tracking as well.