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Because bt said they would never supply broadband to silly suffolk, I invested in a dish, sky2pci card and some software from a german outfit who now call themselves
Now, bt have changed their mind because some of us have made a noise and demanded govt money to put in a WLAN dist system. ( It'l never get off the groound round here. People are too cautious and tight).
So, we are about to get ASDL, but I don't understand what bt are offering, Typical bt chaos marketing.
How do you tell the difference between the various speeds which everyone quotes?
Are kB/sec bits or bytes? Are Kb/sec bits or bytes? How do you tell the difference.
The sky/dsl package also varies its speed offerings but sometimes, if traffic is good, I can download at meg every 10 secs, but what is a Mb...bits or pc says its downloading at 115KB per that bits or bytes.

Should I stick with my current system for surfing the net or go to ASDL....I pay 17 euros per month for 1000kp per sec, so they are quoting bits, ok?? In addition, I still need the bt internet server for the upload. Thats another £17 so my .net costs are about £32 per month.

bt broadband quotes its basic speed at 1Mb............and nothing else. Per what I don't know, but its £18 for the whole nine shillings and £25 for twice the speed.
What's the catch? Is there a server cost on top?......don't need one do I?

I'll still keep my sat dish etc no matter what and go into sat tv with a motorised gismo.


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Forget satellite if you have an ADSL alternative, there is no contest, 1Megabit ber second is good, you will have 256kb kilobits upstream as well. No additional costs and your telephone line will not be tied up when you are surfing.


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Yea rolw is right, but watch it with some packages, as some of them have monthly quotas which i think is pretty pants, as they have given u a faster line but the quota is small so if ur after downloading big files ;) look for the package with unlimited Bandwith.

Can u not get cable in your area? (Telewest or NTL)
i have been on ADSL and Cable, and i do prefer cable as it seems to keep constant high speeds, plus i heaR a rumour that NTL and Telewest are about to upgrade the Download speed AGAIN!!! hope fully :)

If you move abroad and want the best internet connection, goto sweden or norway 10mbit lines for around 30 quid a month :p sweden is supposed to be best