Sat rover sr140 in sth spain



My Satellite Setup
Astra 28.2, 2*.5 west, 2 x 1.2mtr dish, comag hd box, Tm-Mini, Mag 250 iptv Amd 2800 +tv card
My Location
Spain north Malaga Costa de sol
Hi all.
Just obtained a fta box Sat rover sr140.
It has a spanish/english manual & tried to set up using auto setup & manual setup but do not obtain any channels. i.e. asked it to look for bbc etc on the frequency but just returns "no channels".
When its searching it shows strength at 80% & quality at 55%.
I have a lidl box & a sky box attached to the dish which work ok so do not think its the dish.

Has anybody had experience of this make of box or any suggestions.
Box was bought in auction but looks brand new came complete with all packaging in plastic bags etc.

Any help would be appreciate