Sat System for sale



Sorry for relisting old one had wrong title please if some admin could delete my last post for this item wich was posted about 2 weeks ago thanks. I Really Need to get this lot out the way So if anyones intrested make me an offer.

matrix reloaded cam 1.08 Cost me £75.00
Technomate 5500 DAPCI Cost me £209.00
1.1 meter prime focus sat dish Cost me £93.00
0.3 db invacom c120 flange lnb Cost me £55.00
Irte matching feedhorn Cost me £35.00
Lnb fixing bracket Cost me £15.00
moteck sg 2100 disecq motor Cost me £73.00

Total Cost me £555.00 Make me an offer

Everything is in excellent condition as its all under a year apart from dish was bought quite some time back but still is in quite good condition might need a little cleaning although i did open it all up and wd40 the nuts and bolts and some cleaning.

Had to make own declination mount for dish as it did not have one all working can show everything working when picking up.

Technomate receiver has about 6 or 7 months warranty remaining lnb has got about 10 months warranty remaining the disecq motor also has about 11 months warranty or 10 feedhorn was bought same time as lnb so has about 10 months warranty remaining fixing bracket also has same 10 months warranty was bought with lnb so everything is quite new so if anyones intrested make me an offer this is an excellent pro package things can be added on as you go along thanks. All the stuff is well recognised brands no iffy bits and is all well reveiwed You can either pm using the forum or e-mail me on Thanks