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Hi - Can someone pls advise me on the following.

Im looking to purchase a digital setup with a view to subscribing to Spice Platinum. I'm also wanting to view XXL & X-Zone.

I have a fixed dish with a twin LNB for Astra and Hotbird.

I have been informed that my best option is to go for a receiver with 2 CI's and embedded VIACESS and purchase an IDERTO cam.

Im ok up to this point!!!!!

what additional devices will I need to view XXL & X-Zone? are these broadcast in IDERTO? are there any other XXX broadcasts that I could pick up with the above?

I have been recommended the HUMAX 5300, however, various suppliers and retailers are providing me with mixed reviews and some have have discontinued its sale. Can anyone recommend a good quality reciever pls.



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Technomate 5402 HD M2 Ci, DM7000s, Transparent 80cm Dish, Moteck SG2100 DiseqC motor, lots of legacy gear. Meters: Satlook Digital NIT, Promax HD Ranger+ spectrum analyser.
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If I were you MH, i would have a look through the Digital Systems section, there are a few threads discussing which equipment to buy and the combination you have mentioned would not be amongst most of them.

You could probably buy a Receiver, Magic Module, DiseqC motor, programmer and cards for the same sort of money and receive a far greater range of channels, including several adult ones.