satellite motor does not respond any more


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Leuven Belgium
Hi everybody,

After a thunderstorm yesterday my nokia Satscan satellite motor does not respond any more. It is driven by a nokia 9500 with DVB 2000 or an analog nokia 770S receiver.
It is in the hotbird position and I can only see a few channels i.e. RAI 1-2-3, some french channels but no german FTA channels. Trying to move the motor to the Zero position or to any other position with the DVB2000 software is not possible.
The output of the receiver's F connector gives .75V DC all the way up to the motor's F connector on the roof.
With the analogue receiver I only have a lot of noise on the loudspeakers of the TV. No noisy image or something like that. The output of the F connector
gives some 18V DC.
Looks like something is wrong with the motor. How shall I tackle the problem further. Can some one give me some ideas?
Many thanks.