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Satellite PVR with good subtitle rendering

John T

Regular Member
My Satellite Setup
60cm dish, dual LNB, Topfield TF5010PVR
My Location
North Staffordshire England
The Humax PVR9100 was great except that it's rendering of subtitles was poor. Can anyone recommend a PVR that displays subtitles in the same way as the Sky+ box, which I do not want. Many, if not all of those that need Text Page888 selected on the TV have problems with ITV subtitles. Not always, but usually, thus a quick look and seeing it working is not a guarantee. If anyone (preferably who like me needs subtitles) has a PVR that is fine I would like to hear.
Other than that is there a retailer in the Staffordshire or South Manchester area that displays satellite PVRs?