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Sep 28, 2005
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Wish You all a very Happy Birthday. Have some fun.

Birth Date:31st MayColour:Grey , SilverNumber:4 , 44 , 31Stone:Fluorite – A magical stone said to foretell the future and increase intuitionFlower:Snap DragonPet:DobermanCareer:Statesman/Woman , Director , LawyerKey Features:Stern , Opinionated , StrongNaturally good at:Keeping orderCharacter:Some people can see you as a bit of a tough cookie, this is because you have very strong views and need to let your hair down a bit. You have a seriousness about you that was probably around you from birth. However if you use your brilliant serious mind to be expansive rather than single-minded you would achieve star status and possibly fame.Life Path:Your overpowering mind rules your life and perhaps it would be wise to get in touch with your mind half as much as your thoughts. You have the tendency to quash your weakness and always be strong. We are all a combination of the two and expressing this will make your loved ones feel closer to you.Love:You are determined to make love work and believed that you would fall in love and stick with the first one. Do not let past heartache hold you back or put you off. Love is downright good for you! Your birth number relates to Uranus so choose an Aquarius who’s ruler is also Uranus.Best Present:Sunglasses , Tickets To The Opera