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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great time. Many happy returns.

Birth Date:7th JuneColour:Sky BlueNumber:16 , 34 , 43Stone:Sapphire –Said to represent the purity of the soulFlower:LillyPet:GoldfishCareer:Songwriter , Clown , Internet DesignerKey Features:Dreamy , Intellectual , Ahead Of Your TimeNaturally good at:Creating unique artCharacter:You tend to live in your head a lot and are often unaware when people are speaking to you because you are so deep in your thoughts. Most people think you are in a land of make believe , however what is stirring inside you is an amazing inner world full of potential. Realize some of those great ideas and you could make a mint.Life Path:You could be a songwriter or design website but whatever you do is slightly ahead of it’s time. You know how to touch people with your creative energy and more importantly you have the capacity to make other people think. This rich inner landscape is normal for you but others may find it hard to get inside your mind and share it with you making you occasionally feel you are odd, your not odd just special!Love:You love to swim in the depths of your emotions and constantly fantasies about love as you have fathomless Neptune as your birth number ruler This dreamy romantic side would be well suited to a Pisces who’s ruler is also Neptune.Best Present:A Boat Trip To See Dolphins , Swimming