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Sep 28, 2005
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Happy Birthday to You. Have a great day.

Birth Date:14th JuneColour:Emerald GreenNumber:32 , 14 , 50Stone:Aventurine – protection in travel , balancing the male and female energies in the spiritFlower:FernPet:CougarCareer:Editor , Printer , ProducerKey Features:Chatty , Thoughtful , Spaced OutNaturally good at:Media savvyCharacter:You are at home with the written word and love to watch television and listen to the radio. You can be critical and creative and want to communicate with everyone. You make friends with the homeless and those in need of a listening ear and are an all round good guy, however your friends may say you talk too much and have an opinion on everythingLife Path:Reading books is a passion for you and coming up with the plots for soap operas or movies in your spare time. Why not try and get all this great stuff down on paper? You also love to hoard things so how about a big declutter to clear your mind?Love:You can be a bit of a loner and have so much stuff stored in your apartment , is there time for a lover and can they fit into your space? Try another Gemini also ruled by your double ruler mercury. The very least they can do is persuade you to ditch some of your stuff.Best Present:Storage Units , Magazine Rack