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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great Birthday, lots of fun and joy.

Birth Date:28th JuneColour:Orange , YellowNumber:1 ,11,22Stone:Citrine – for confidence and to bring you optimismFlower:NemesiaPet:LizardCareer:Maverick , Taxi Driver , CelebrityKey Features:Sexy , Charming , LoverNaturally good at:Creating your own realityCharacter:Wild and free you hate to be put in a box and even if you have a” normal” job you will often have a sideline in acting or performing. You have your finger in many pies and want to show the world what you can do. As you are such a likable character you will no doubt succeed.Life Path:Follow your heart, you pretend sometimes that you don’t know what your dreams are but could this be an excuse? You may feel if you truly go for it and fail you could not live with yourself. However you have it within you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams so go for it.Love:Sexy as hell you often choose lovers who you don’t consider you equal, while you wait for this elusive superstar lover. Could this be a little fear of intimacy? You can have nay lover you desire so choose an equal. A Leo also ruled by your birth number ruler the Sun would give you a run for your money.Best Present:A Mirror , A Trip Somewhere Hot