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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great Birthday, lots of fun and joy.

Birth Date:12th JulyColour:Imperial PurpleNumber:3 , 33 , 21Stone:Amethyst – The Romans used this to prevent overindulgence and it was called the sobriety stoneFlower:LavenderPet:Guinea PigCareer:Aerobics Instructor , Drama Teacher , GamblerKey Features:patient , Spontaneous , LuckyNaturally good at:Winning at gamblingCharacter:Your are incredibly lucky , but may take this luck for granted. Look around you and count your blessings. You have a relaxed attitude to life and are very patient and what you wait for nearly always comes eventually. You have the gift of the gab and people sit up and take notice of your ideasLife Path:planning ahead is what you were born to do and great things will be achieved each year. Do not squander your cash on a lavish lifestyle until the money actually arrives, as you tend to like the good things in life. You were born fortunate so make the most of it.Love:You may end up having two great loves in life, one you met very early and one that takes you by surprise in your 50’s.Both of these loves will be equal but different. Search for a madcap Sagittarius as your birth number is ruled by their ruler Jupiter planet of good fortuneBest Present:Champagne , Silver Dice