scientific atlanta reciever-encoder-decoder sab-mac9700



I aquired the above unit SAB-MAC 9700 DR9704-2
unit froma large company that was being merged, the wholesalers
did not know what it was and paid $5.00 for it. I am not an
expert in systems and called scientific atlanta up, they would not
tell me anything but said it can pick up 50 transponders and it
has encryption built in the chips, they said because of that
I can pick up any "bird" I can find. ( he was an former airforce
colnel ) Are these units any good or what, I hooked it up to my pc which has tv card and mepeg video editing card, and two special video cards, but I am some what clueless. I have since
acquired technical books in general and have all locations etc to all the sat's up,but do not know really how to use etc

Any one that can help with some input I would greatly appreciate



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I have not come across this particular receiver, but note that most Scientific Atlanta receivers use the proprietary digital compression system known as PowerVu. In Europe, almost all PowerVu signals are encrypted, and they are used mainly by cable companies in transmission by satellite to the ground stations (distribution points).
It would surprise me if you could receive much with this. The '50 birds" your contact person referred to may be satellites visible in North America, but there certainly aren't 50 birds using Powervu visible in Europe.