Scientist wants more women to watch mature content



A German scientist is calling for the law to be changed so more women can enjoy watching mature content movies.

Corinna Rueckert, 38, first became interested in the subject when she studied possible relations between mature content and violence.

She earned a doctorate in cultural studies for a paper on women and mature content.

Now she says German legislation should be changed to allow people to order mature content videos from their homes.

"Our current laws mean they can only be bought at s_x-shops or video stores," she told Spiegel magazine.

"Men like to go there, but women don't feel comfortable going to such places."

Rueckert argues that giving women easier access to mature content films would open up a whole new clientele to the filmmakers, simultaneously forcing them to become "more high-class and more aesthetic."

She also called for a more relaxed attitude towards x-rated films.

"They're only a genre, just like science-fiction movies are a genre," she told the magazine.