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Jun 26, 2007
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A semantic search tool for Wikipedia allows users to ask questions as they would another human being, rather than having to try to work out the easiest way to get to the information that they want.
Semantic search has become a major buzz word in the search industry as companies try to provide more accurate results for their users.
Currently search engines tend to look for the phrase or words and not the context of the question, occasionally making finding information tricky.
A question of semantics
However, a company called powerset believes that its semantic search of Wikipedia finally allows users to get to what they want.
Of course, with our research hats on we decided to give a real work out and, we have to admit, that the results are far from shoddy.
Questions, questions
An easy starter for ten was ‘Who stars in NCIS?’ the popular US naval criminal television show, and we were indeed served with pictures of the recurring stars.
Second up, we wondered what the meaning of life was, and were told, little disappointingly that it was a 1983 Monty Python film and finally we found out that ‘god’ rules the world.
It’s a nice little tool and may well be an insight into the way we are searching in years to come.