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Hi all, been around before but not for a bit so Hi to everyone.


Virtually every time I go into the TV Guide none of the current programs are known. It takes a few seconds or so to populate the page on the tv guide i'm looking at . Then its the same story when I go to the next page.

Of course whilst it's doing this the banner when moving between channels also doesn have any information (until I've been into the tv guide at which point it remembers things).

Apart from that the box works fine (apart from the regular crashes).

The box is from the early days when Sky first started the 'free' offer. It's an Amstrad piece of junk although I'm not sure of it's model number but it's sort of dark grey (most of it)

The funny thing is that everybody I speak to about Sky seems to have the same issue and has had for a few months now.

Anybody got any ideas old wise ones. I did speak to some girl on the sky tech line, but of course she was a complete waste of time telling me that 9 times out of 10 it's the scart leads!!!. God help us if this is the best sky can do for tech support monkeys

Thanks for the replys in advance




Believe it when I see it Admin.
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You're not alone Slim, even my newer Panasomic does it periodically. My software version is 3.0.12 and I'm not sure when the last update was, the problem certainly seems to be happening less now, so perhaps they are gradually rewriting the software.

I would also say that if your original Amstrad is still going strong (like my sister's in France), then perhaps it isn't quite such a piece of junk :)


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I don't have sky but I have a couple of DVB boxes at home and one of them "Skymaster DXL9200"(a cheap one that I got for free when I bought a 1.0m dish) gets slower everytime you change channel, so when you have changed ~1000 times it takes almost 3seconds to change channel, normally it takes less than 1second.

The reason i haven't thrown it out is the excelent picture and sound quality it delivers.

I'll order a DreamBox 7000 as soon as I have read some reviews about it.