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Hi there,

I am a Malaysian and currently a subscriber to Astro (0021) , the only available Sat-TV provider. I am not interested in obtaining free access to Astro - although once its commercially viable I might . I have read a bit and understand that the satellite signal is currently encrypted using s*ca2.

My question is, with a valid smartcard is it possible too offload the decoding process on to my computer? Assuming that I have the needed hardware such as a smart card reader and a tv decoder card. What software would I be looking at to make it happen? What smart card reader should i buy? Which online shop to suggest?

I'm really interested on sec@2 encryption, my question is what actually is this sec@2, would it be easy to h@ck or cr@ck?? If i want to try on the h@cking or cr@cking, what should i have on hand?? I don't mind spend some money on this as an passing time stuff ( best call it as hobby).

Experts down there, your guide and comment would most welcome and highly appreciated.


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S£CA2 is seemingly pretty well compromised, based on the fact that the three main users of that encryption technique in this part of the world are having any Tom Dick or Harry watch their transmissions at the moment. That doesn't mean that the information to perform the 'hacking' is in the public domain, as it isn't. It's not easy to do. If it were, then everyone would be doing it. Using the tools provided by some very clever chaps however, is no problem.

Don't let any of that put you off. A good grounding in DVB encryption is a must before you get going though. Start out at the duwgati website for noobs, and then progress to some proper text books.

It is possible to perform the decoding on a PC. Either using a card carrying a reader, or by using a phoenix-capable card reader connected to the serial port. Don't think it can be done via a USB port at this time, but maybe soon as the programmer hardware is certainly going this way. I think that the software just has to catch up. It is also possible to perform the whole thing using an existing software card/CAM emulator.

I'm not about to tell you exactly which hardware and software to use. If you are committed enough to really have a go, then finding this will be no problem to you.

Good luck.

hi BigonaStick,

The really helpfull. I'm already start learning and picking up the basic info there and now i'm feel i'm in the right track.

But i found that the website is lack of info on SECA2 which is i'm more interested to learn and known as i'm thinking that if want to learn or gain knownledge, it must be learn the new and updated. (Perhaps i'm still never reach there on the website).

My question is should i learn SECA prior to SECA2, would it be SECA is the basic of SECA2 or totally different? I'm assuming that Win XP is build from the Win2K, peoples known Win2k mostly known Win XP too. Can i assume people knowning SECA would be knowning SECA2 too?? Clear me on this point.

Which CAM, S/card and Software is ideal for beginner on SECA2, experts out there, your comment and advised would be highly appreciated.