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I am new here and new in this.
before when everything was all right I just got my SECA files
out there on the Net, but now SECA is gone so I like to change some things so i can receive some more channels, but I dont know how?
I have an Strong 8000 decoder w Aston 1,3 cam for mediaguard.
I like to use a funcard w this receiver but when I put the funcard
into it always says ( put in your Smart card) I have the new patch
software which suppoise to work w Seca funcard and w diferent
encoding systems like irdeto, nagra,beta.
But my receiver won´t accept the funcard I don´t know why?
Can anybody tell how to proced to get my Strong 8000 to accept the funcard.
thanks anyway


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Well your Astoncrypt CI module is irrelevant in this case since the Strong 8000 does not have any CI slots!

But a properly programmed funcard SHOULD work in the (internal CA) card-slot of a properly patched 8000 or 8100. Are you sure you applied the correct patch?

Lots of Strong 8000/8100 stuff at Marc's (Dutch language) homepage: This includes some details of what the differences are between the various versions of 8000 and 8100, which is important to know if you are to successfully apply a patch.

Details of how to upgrade the firmware (English and Dutch language):

Other question is - how cofident are you that you have correctly programmed the funcard? Have you tested the card in any other receivers?

Probably we'll need more detail on exactly what you have tried so far, and the exact symptoms or error messages.