Seca2 card for 140 euro is a fraud



Information about SECA2 pirate cards, which are supposed to be available on Internet for 140 euro has caused a storm on the net as well as huge response from cheated customers, who were stupid enough to send 140 euro on the account they have found in this Internet website. Within 4-5 days from the transaction, such customers have only received a letter, that they might be accused for ...piracy.

In spite of many questions, we did not have an intentions to publish this Internet website address. However it does not mean, that hackers do not work on the Seca2 pirate cards.

The Italian information Internet website has also published "amazing" information about Seca2 pirate, together with a letter from cheated viewer from Germany. He has sent the money, and within six days, he has received a letter he might be reported as a pirate card owner. He did not get and card, of course!

We recommend to all our readers, who can read Italian to enter on the website below, to find out more about the cheating:

We could suspect, that a pirate card for 140.00Euro is a fraud. Its price was well-thought-out, and people are so hungry for Seca2 pirate cards, that they will accept everything, what is on the Internet but the original subscription. They have such habit...

Nevertheless, the hackers are still working on the Seca2 algorithms and keys. More and more information appear on well hidden Internet websites, and there is more to come.

Packages beware of the hackers...