'Sexed-up' Brits leave Latin lovers trailing



British lovers leave their famed Latin counterparts standing, according to a new international s_x league table.

The 2003 Durex Global s_x Survey found that Hungarians have the most voracious sexual appetites, managing s_x 152 times a year. But Britons came in not far behind with 135.

The table showed Italians had s_x 119 times a year, Spaniards posted a total of 123, the Americans managed 118 and the Germans 120. The average is 127, down from the figure of 139 last year.

Figures also showed 44% of Britons using vibrators and other s_x toys, with 42% using mature content and 38% keen on using handcuffs and bondage in their s_x lives.

Research found 54% have had a one-night stand, while 52% have had phone, text or email s_x.

Meanwhile 42% of people said they faked an orgasm, while more than a third of people surveyed said they were unhappy with their s_x life.

The online survey involved 150,000 men and women, aged from 16 to 70 and from across 34 countries.

David Beckham further boosted Britain's image by being named the world's sexiest male celebrity.

But while the football icon has achieved global domination, Britons put pop romeo Justin Timberlake as their most fanciable man.

Jennifer Lopez was crowned sexiest female celebrity, with Aussie singer Holly Valance being Britain's number one.