shall I get an opos or not ?



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what ?
HI, I've read that apparently this card unlocks arabsque channels on hotbird... However, I have read in the forum alot of criticism towards the opos team and that they force their costumers to buy a new opos card after a short while of its usage. My only intention is to watch arabsque channels, so the question is , if I do get one will I also have to buy a new opos card every now an then ?
moreover, I heard that this card can be "killed" som how ?
also, the card supports EEPROM, so you should be able to update the card ?
or maybe not ? can somone please weigh the risks and advantages of haveing this card and suggest if I really should get one or not baring in mind that I only want it to watch arabsque channels (ART SPORT. MBC ...)? thank you

Burnham Beech

Specialist Contributor
The Opos card can't clear ART SPORT or MBC, never has done and has never claimed to be able to do this

Where did you get this information?